FREE parking after 6PM

With entry after 6PM every night
Enjoy FREE PARKING with entry from 6PM every night at Rouse Hill Town Centre!

Enter at any of our entrances on White Hart Drive, Caddies Blvd or Rouse Hill Drive and your car licence plate will be scanned upon entry by our new ticketless parking system.

If you are in the centre for under 3 hours, simply hop in your car and exit. If you're concerned you may have gone over, please type your licence plate details into any of our booths in all car park lobbies to check how long you have been here for! 

Please note, customers who visit the centre several times a day will still be offered 3 hours free parking, so long as visits are 60 minutes apart. If you re-enter under 60 minutes, you will be charged for the entire period you have parked.

Since we believe everyone should have an enjoyable experience at the centre, we provide parking spots for the disabled, parents with prams and seniors. Of course, these are all located close to our entrances. 

If you are just stopping by to quickly pick something up then you will love the express 90 minutes parking spots. On the other hand, if you are enjoying a movie and it runs a little late, you can scan your movie ticket at any pay machine in the car park lobbies and get a fourth hour free (rates over and above are calculated from time of entry).

Rouse Hill Town Centre has introduced ticketless parking, providing quicker and easier access in and out of the car park without a paper ticket. We have also introduced the latest number plate recognition technology to offer a seamless entry and exit. There are also updates to the car park to improve the parking guidance system which will make it even easier to find a space in the centre.  


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