Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this proposal about?

    Over the next 15 years, across the 9 hectare site to the north of the existing Town Centre, GPT is looking to create a new precinct that will provide:

    • About 2500 apartments
    • Around 8,100 m2 of new Commercial space
    • Around 10,100 m2 of new retail, dining and leisure area
    • Around 2,500 m2 for community uses and facilities
    • Just over 1.4 hectares or 14,000 m2 of open spaces

    By developing this plan RHTC will be providing everyone with a level of certainty about the shape and nature of the Town Centre well into the future. The proposal simply sets out the uses and envelope/parameters for future development, along with building design guidelines to ensure the quality of the Town Centre is maintained. Over the next year we want to work with our customers, retailers and the broader community to understand the types of services, facilities and programming that will be desirable for the Town Centre.

  • What is behind this proposal?

    There are a number of factors. The Greater Sydney Commission’s District Plan anticipates around another 100,000 homes for the north west over the next 15 years. It makes sense to look at placing these new dwellings close to public transport such as the new Metro line and in close proximity to centres where people can access everyday needs.

    Our proposal will allow for a greater choice of homes in the area so people can downsize or live in a more affordable home than may currently be available. Our research shows there is significant interest in apartment living if there is good amenity, good design and it is affordable.

    This is part of long-term change to make Sydney a 30-minute city. We need to provide jobs for where people will live. RHTC will be an attractive and high amenity work hub that will appeal to employers and their employees. Some of the big changes that we believe will make commercial successful at RHTC are:

    • the accessibility created by Metro
    • the proposed hospital with health and allied health uses being major drivers of jobs.

  • How high are the buildings?

    We’re sensitive to the character of the area, and believe we have the right balance of opportunity and preservation, that will be of benefit to all.

    The tallest building is 30 storeys. Of the 21 buildings:

    • Six are between 25 to 30 storeys
    • Four are between 11 to 25 storeys
    • The remaining 11 ( >50%) are ten storeys or below

    A proportion of higher buildings allows us to:

    • Create larger and better quality open spaces and street scapes
    • Balance commercial, residential and community uses
    • Provide high quality facilities and amenities for use by the broader Hills community.
    • Ensure public spaces aren’t over shadowed
    • Provide a diversity of building heights, helping create a more interesting landscape.

    These are all things that add to the appeal and usefulness of such a well-located mixed-use Town Centre.

  • What will this mean for traffic in and around the centre?

    From the outset Rouse Hill was set up to be a regional centre, but unlike many in the region, vehicle traffic in the Town Centre is minimal. This proposal is premised on its proximity to the new Sydney North West Metro service. Up until now the main option in this area has been the private car. We believe a large number of residents will utilise public transport to travel to work and similarly incoming workers at the centre will also utilise the Metro services.

    Visitors to the Town Centre will also now have alternate transport options. We accept that people will still need a car and with the new road works around the centre and additional car parking, the traffic modelling shows existing and future demand can be readily accommodated.

  • Will the new centre have the same feel?

    We recognise how much people value the existing Town Centre. While this proposal will bring changes, our goal is to keep the informal, outdoor character it’s become known for.

    This will be supported by:

    • new parks and places to meet and relax,
    • a greater range of services,
    • new community facilities
    • more of the regular events and activities you love.

  • How do I have my say?

    The Application 1614/2019/JP is open for comment on The Hills Shire Council website until 21 June 2019. We encourage you to have your say to Council as part of this formal exhibition process.

    RHTC is also keen to hear your ideas about what will make the centre a relevant, attractive and viable place to support a growing region. You can do this:

    • Online
    • Or come and speak with a member of our team at the RHTC Information Centre during one of the following information sessions:
      • Sunday 26 May – 11am to 3pm
      • Thursday 30 May – 12pm to 4pm
      • Sunday 2 June – 11am to 3pm
      • Thursday 6 June – 4pm to 8pm
      • Saturday 8 June – 11am to 3pm
      • Thursday 13 June – 4pm to 8pm
      • Saturday 15 June – 11am to 3pm

  • Who decides if this proposal will go ahead?

    Council will assess the proposal and write a report taking into account feedback submissions from the public to assist the District Planning Panel determine the proposal. This will help the District Planning Panel determine the outcome of the proposal.